Your Money and God

Giving is an act of obedience and worship.  It recognizes God as the owner and source of all we have.  It is our cheerful response to God in praise of His generosity towards us.  Giving online allows you to schedule recurring gifts and offers you a helpful resource for tracking your gifts.  Choose the "Make a Donation" link below to either create an account or make a one-time gift.

What is Tithing?

A tithe -- which just means "tenth" -- is defined simply as 10% of a person's income.  At Grace Community Church, we encourage people to have a Prioritized, Percentage Giving.  What we mean by this is we hope yo make giving a priority; giving comes first.  We also hope you set up your budget so you are able to consistently give a percentage of your income.  This percentage may not be 10%, it may only be 3%. The key is that you commit to something and commit to increasing over time.