Grace Community Church partners with missionaries and missions organizations in Kenya and Romania to spread the Gospel message internationally.  We invest in leaders, give financially, and send people and resources to help fulfill the Great Commission.  Through short-term mission trips and partnering with like-minded ministries we can expand our reach and make a greater impact for Christ. For more information on Mission Trips offered by Grace Community Church, please contact us through email.


In 2010, Grace Community Church teamed with Stephen Karimi to begin a Mission in the Central Highlands Region of Kenya.  Now, Mission Thome (pronounced toe-may) supports a large community of tribes serving them with a church, school, clinic, and agricultural projects.  Each year, Grace Community Church offers a ten-day trip to Kenya to work with Mission Thome as it serves the neighboring communities.  For more information, please visit

A Look At Mission Thome

The following video is made with footage and images taken from previous mission trips.



In 2008, Grace Community Church partnered with Aaron and Robin Bruski to help them grow their vision for a ministry in and around Oradea, Romania.  The Bruski family have since grown a thriving ministry named Belief In Motion working with the native Romanian people as well as communities of Gypsy people.  Each year, Grace Community church offers short-term mission trips for those interested in joining Belief In Motion in their work.  For more information, please visit