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Missionary work holds a significant place in the biblical narrative, as it reflects Jesus' command to spread the message of love, compassion and salvation to all corners of the earth. Just as the apostles were sent forth to share the Good News, modern believers are called to engage in missions and outreach, both abroad and within their communities (Matthew 28:19-20). This calling stems from a desire to fulfill God's will and reflect His kindness to those in need. In a similar vein, aiding others within our own spheres of influence carries profound importance. By embodying the teachings of Christ through our actions, we become vessels of God's grace and agents of positive change.

While we may not control how our assistance is received, focusing on the purity of our intentions and the calling God has placed on us allows us to serve selflessly and entrust the outcomes to His divine plan. It's essential to recognize that our responsibility lies in faithfully answering God's call to help others, rather than fixating on the outcomes or judgments of those we assist. The Bible teaches us that our primary concern should be aligning our actions with God's purpose, leaving the rest to His providence (Psalm 37:5). As stewards of His grace, our mission is to be instruments of transformation, trusting that the impact of our efforts goes beyond immediate results. Just as the seeds sown in a field yield varied growth, the influence of our assistance may unfold differently in each person's heart (Mark 4:1-20).

At Grace Community Church, we collaborate with numerous diverse organizations. The links below offer insight into the impactful initiatives taking place locally and internationally. For inquiries or to contribute, feel free to contact us.

Fostering Bulloch

Fostering Bulloch is an organization committed to sharing God's love with kids and parents in foster care. 

Mission Thome

Mission Thome is a mission in Kenya that is closely connected to GCC. The mission, school and clinic are meeting needs of the Kenyan people. Click HERE to give to Thome.

Belief in Motion

Belief in motion is a mission in Romania that is closely connected to GCC. The mission serves in a variety of ways to meet the Romanian people. 

Statesboro Food Bank

The Statesboro Food Bank is working to eliminate hunger in our community.

Bags of Faith

Bags of Faith is an organization that ministers in the lives of those experiencing homelessness in our community and the surrounding areas.

Old Savannah City Mission

Old Savannah City Mission is dedicated to transforming the lives of the less fortunate in the largest city near where we call home.

Christian Social Ministries

Christian Social Ministries is a faith based ministry that strives to meet the worldly needs of the less fortunate as well as sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Feed the Boro

Feed the Boro helps curb the effects from a 29% poverty rate in our community by conducting food drops that supply a family of four, two meals a day for a week.

Golden Isles Veteran's Village

Golden Isles Veteran's Village is a dedicated "neighborhood" of 30 tiny-homes with a community center to help homeless veterans "get back on their feet" again! 

Foundations Resource Center

Foundations walks alongside women and families as they face pregnancy and parenting crises and challenges. 

Choices of the Heart

For over 30 years, Choices of the Heart has been sharing the love of Christ and giving choices to women in crisis or unplanned pregnancy. 

Rachel's House

Rachel's House helps families in unplanned and other early pregnancy situations.

Helping Hands of Glynn

Hand in Hand of Glynn’s mission is to help end homelessness in Glynn County, Georgia by providing Permanent Affordable Supportive Homes to adults experiencing chronic homelessness. 

Loads of Love

Loads of Love is a way of caring for people who are struggling financially by assisting them launder their own clothes and belongings.