Sunday Services at 9:30 & 11:00 at 4703 Pulaski Road in Statesboro


PlusOne represents your opportunity for spiritual growth by strengthening your personal relationship with God.  In addition to our attending one of our Sunday services, we are encouraging our adult population to commit to a PlusOne opportunity.  Adding something to your worship is the best way to grow in your faithwalk.
2Peter 1:5 says, “For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith…”  PlusOne at GCC is your opportunity to do just that!

Take the Initiative…
You can get all of the information you need regarding PlusOne on our website, or check out the Information table in the lobby on Sunday.  Each PlusOne opportunity offers flexibility and can be shaped to fit your schedule and the needs of your family.  If you are willing to take the initiative, we can help you get started.

At GCC we are offering several options for PlusOne
  • Family Night – Family night is an exceptional way to increase the “God-dialogue” in your home.  A weekly Family Night is a strong and powerful way to help your family discuss spiritual matters in a relaxed setting.  Each week you can choose a Family Night study for all ages to use in your home.  Or you can choose from recommended video studies that will help you start meaningful conversations with your family on Family Night.  Pick a night, plan a special meal or snacks and we will help you with the rest.  We provide the guidance, the discussion questions, the videos, and some ideas for practical application.  Whether ten minutes or thirty, your family will benefit from a weekly Family Night together.
  • Small(er) Groups – Our Small(er) Group Ministry provides an excellent environment to encourage, equip, and challenge growth in Christ.  We call them Small(er) Groups because a group might consist of only two or three people.  If you take the initiative, we can help you with resources.  A weekly meeting at a coffee shop or at work is a great way to explore biblical precepts.
  • Personal Bible Study – There is no equal to time alone with God.  Prayer and Bible study are your tools.  We can help you get started on this meaningful spiritual journey with resources and guidance.

RightNow Media
Be sure and inquire about RightNOW Media. This online service fuels the PlusOne ministry and is available to GCC members and regular attenders, but you must sign up to have access.  Contact us to discover the best biblical resource library we have found. You can also follow this link for more information.

Partner with Us
Our church is ready to assist you in further developing your faithwalk.  Don’t be intimidated.  Take the initiative and we can help you take this meaningful step.